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flood damage repair henderson nevada
Above: Post water extraction and drywall removal for dryout phase

Water Damage / Home Reconstruction Las Vegas, NV

Water Damage, fire damage, mold treatment, it all requires some removal to properly treat the area. We can fully reconstruct your home to pre-loss condition or better. If you were considering updating your home, now is the time. When insurance is going to pay for all of the demolition, labor to rebuild and for standard materials, you can easily upgrade the materials if you let us know before we build back. We can come up with a price difference for an upgraded materials list of your choice and you only pay a small portion of a remodel. We assist you in handling your insurance claim to make your loss as easy as possible on you.

flood damage repair henderson nevada
Above: Post remodel with new drywall, kitchen cabinets and hardwood flooring

Flood Repair / Remodel Henderson, NV

We understand how disheartening flood damage can be. We have the expertise and experience necessary to communicate your needs to your insurance company to return you back to pre-loss condition before the fire & water damage. Our team has extensive knowledge & experience in fire & flood damage repairs in Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on having a great staff that you can trust their expertise and you feel comfortable about the fire & flood restoration work in your home or office. The combination of a remodel company and a restoration company are priceless. You can be sure that your home is put back together the right way, since we know how it all came apart. You have the benefit of knowing you can trust our remodelers. Don’t put yourself through the hassle of trying to find a contractor in Las Vegas who is reputable and stands behind their work or using whoever is on rotation with the insurance company. First Source Services has team members that are experts in each field!

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